Same trails new owners

and the New name is:

high 5 hiking trails!

The last four years brought nice developments

Escarp Adventures

In 2018 the owners of the award-winning Mount Komati acquired the former Five Assegais property, (and with this the old Num-Num hiking trail), registered the new business entity Escarp Adventures, made some interesting changes to the old Num-Num and from henceforth this fantastic network of trails will be known as the High 5 Hiking Trails.

The business Model

With this the business model has changed quite a bit. Bermanzi went on their own and Mount Komati incorporated its neighbouring property to form Escarp Adventures. The individual properties that originally formed part of the world-renowned Num-Num trail are thus carrying on doing business separately.

But do not despair, hikers can still hike Mt Komati, Bermanzi and Wathaba as part of, or separate from, the High 5 which now offers a wonderful network of almost 100 kilometers of some of the best inland trails available in South Africa! 

The High 5 trails consists of many different stretches of hiking trails, both linear and circular, which can all be linked together in different ways to create hiking options of between 2 and 6 days, even more. This trails network of almost 100 kilometers on four adjacent properties allows for a great variety of hiking options with a huge diversity in topography, fauna and flora. Now hikers can “build” their own trail itinerary to suit their needs according to purpose, time availability, fitness levels etc. 

The New
High 5 Trail
(the old Num-num)

The High 5 Hiking Trail basically is what used to be the well known Num-Num trail, however, on acquiring this new property the new owners spared no expense and immediately renovated all the camps and built new trails to incorporate Mt Komati to make these trails more flexible and even more enjoyable than before. New sign posts were added and together with the new map they now guide hikers throughout these trails, a fine balance to achieve guidance but not causing visual pollution.

The High 5 is a multi day hiking trail situated on the scenic Drakensberg Escarpment of Mpumalanga, a mere 2.5hours drive from Gauteng.

Both BASECAMP and BACKPACK options:
“Basecamp” means hikers stay in one camp for two or more nights using it as their base, each day hiking a different circular trail away from and back to the same camp.

“Backpack” means hikers hike from one camp to the other carrying backpacks with everything they need, from sleeping bags to clothes to food & drinks etc.

“Slackpack” option: hikers need not carry their gear themselves, but instead 85 liter plastic containers can be rented to pack things inside which will then be transported to their next camp. Hikers may also provide their own coolerbox(es) which will be added to the shuttle at the same cost as the containers.