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2 to 7 Day HIKING TRAIL options

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Some major changes made

Escarp Adventures

Escarp Adventures recently acquired the old Five Assegais property. The Num Num hiking trail has undergone some interesting changes and will henceforth be known as the:

High Five Hiking Trials

Our business model has changed a little, but the individual properties that originally formed part of the world-renowned Num num trail are still carrying on doing business as usual. The main change is that Escarp Adventures has ADDED their award-winning Mt Komati River Lodge to now form the new High Five Hiking Trails.

The High Five trails consists of many different stretches of hiking trails which can all be linked in different ways to create hiking options of between 3 and 7 days. A trails network of almost one hundred kilometers on four adjacent properties allows for a great variety of hiking options with a huge diversity in topography, fauna and flora! Now hikers can “build” their own trail itinerary to suit their needs according to time availability, fitness levels etc.

The New "High Five" Trail (formerly known as the Num-num trail)

The High Five Hiking Trail basically is what used to be the well known Num-num trail, just with a few alterations to make it more flexible and even more enjoyable.

High Five is a multi day backpack hiking trail situated on the scenic Drakensberg Escarpment of Mpumalanga, a mere 2.5hours drive from Gauteng. Hikers hike from one camp to the other carrying backpacks with everything they need, from clothes to food & drinks etc.